Laiye unveils EMEA expansion plans to create 200 highly skilled AI jobs

Leading Intelligent Automation provider Laiye has announced its commitment of $50 million to the European region, together with its plans to create 200 highly skilled jobs in the regional AI industry.

As part of this move, Laiye appointed industry veteran Neil Parker as its General Manager (EMEA). An experienced leader, Parker has previously built out SaaS Sales teams at Veritas and Computacenter, companies with estimated global revenues of over £721m and £4.1bn respectively His new remit is to rapidly scale up Laiye’s revenues with his team growing to forty over the next six months and making inroads into key vertical markets.

The news follows record growth for the company, which has established itself as a leader in the intelligent automation industry, with products that make it stand out from legacy competitors. Laiye’s Intelligent Automation platform comprises RPA, Artificial Intelligent, Intelligent Document Processing, and the most advanced chatbots in the industry. All this is integrated in its core, with a team of 600,000 developers working to anticipate and satisfy customer needs.

Laiye brings invaluable experience gained by serving well-known Chinese organisations. Foremost among them are the case of Laiye’s cooperation with well-known telecommunications provider China Mobile.

During the course of the partnership, Laiye was able to make China Mobile’s processes speedier and error-free while improving the experience of both customers and employees. Laiye is uniquely positioned to offer the latest technological solutions that meet the fast-growing, expanding businesses that operate in both eastern and western cultures.

In the midst of their digital transformation, organisations are looking to automate and smooth out their manual processes and improve customer experience with advanced AI, something Laiye specialises in as it has AI baked-in from the beginning. Many of these companies are constantly geographically expanding and need Laiye’s advanced language translation capabilities to support their operations in new territories, wherever they may be.

Laiye will also help Chinese companies with ambitions to expand and grow into Europe, giving them the capability to translate their existing operations into local languages, especially in a region which includes 24 official languages.

Neil Parker, General Manager said, “EMEA is a market of enormous potential for us and for many companies. As one of the fastest-growing regions in the world, Chinese companies see the convenience of having a single automation solution across the globe, and Laiye can provide that. What is more, Laiye’s offerings are specially designed to help companies reap the benefits of AI-native automation, with easy integration across the rest of the business and existing solutions.”

“Wherever a company may be in its journey to automation, Laiye is here to lend a hand. From those who are just hearing about what automation can do for them but don’t know where to start and can’t afford risks, to those whose investments in automation have not delivered the ROI they hoped for, even to those enterprise mammoths who have tried automation solutions but dream of more, Laiye has exactly the risk-free solutions which guarantee results,” concluded Parker.



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