5 Ways to Enhance Your Home’s Value Before Selling


Enhancing your home’s value before selling ensures maximum return on investment.

However, it’s essential to determine its worth before making any improvements to know what you can do to increase your selling price and maximise your return on investment. Besides improvement projects, your home’s value can also be impacted by the local housing demand, location, and the economy.

Depending on your property’s current condition and budget, you can invest in renovation projects to make it appealing to the right buyers while increasing its resale value. This article outlines five ways to enhance your home’s value before selling.

1.   Improve your curb appeal

Curb appeal makes the first impression on buyers even before stepping into your home. The exterior’s aesthetic look prepares potential buyers on what to expect once they come into your house. Your property’s curb appeal acts as a marketing tool that can make or break your home sale. Boosting it increases your home’s value and enables it to sell faster.

To increase your home’s curb appeal, consider making landscaping improvements, repairing or replacing the roof, repainting or replacing the front door, working on your driveways, investing in outdoor lighting, and trimming trees, shrubs, and grass. If you can’t afford to invest in curb appeal, sell your home for a cash offer to reliable home buyers such as Leave the Key Homebuyers.

2.   Make your home energy efficient

Energy inefficient homes have high utility bills. To improve your home’s energy efficiency, start by conducting an energy audit to determine your usage and the areas that contribute to increasing energy bills. Work on your air conditioning and heating system to ensure optimal functionality and insulate your home sufficiently.

Invest in energy-efficient switches and bulbs such as LEDs. Install a smart thermostat and low-flow shower faucets. Investing in ENERGY STAR-rated windows and electrical appliances will increase energy efficiency. Making your home energy efficient makes it attractive to buyers and increases resale value.

3.   Apply a fresh coat of paint

Painting your interior and exterior walls can significantly increase your property’s return on investment. Chipped stucco, faded walls, and peeling paint on your exterior can put off potential buyers. If neglected, your interior wall and ceiling paint can make your home seem worn out. When painting your home for resale purposes, consider using neutral colors because they appeal to many. However, consulting a professional color expert can help you find the colors that best suit your home to increase its worth.

4.   Update your kitchen

Your kitchen is a significant selling point, and enhancing its look can increase your home’s value because buyers are ready to pay for thoughtful upgrades and high-end finishes. An outdated kitchen can greatly impact your home’s worth. Consider cabinet refinishing and refacing, update the countertops, invest in new, energy-efficient appliances, and improve your lighting to alleviate your kitchen aesthetics and function. You can also install a new kitchen faucet, sink, and tile backsplash to complement the kitchen’s look.

5.   Revamp your floors

Buyers expect floors to be hard and durable. Since some flooring options are quite expensive, affordable alternatives like laminate and engineering can increase your property’s value. Hardwood flooring is costly, but it can help maximize your ROI. Quality carpeting can also improve your floor’s look, feel, and resale value.


Improving your home can fetch you the highest selling price. Consider using these tips to enhance your home’s value before selling.


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