5 ways to improve your PPC with call tracking


When it comes to generating leads and sales for your business, your pay-per-click (PPC) activity is a crucial area to invest in and maintain.

So naturally, you’re likely looking for new ways to improve this as much as possible.

With this in mind, we’ve put together this article to show you the top five ways call tracking software can help improve your PPC.

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  1. Clear visibility for ad performance

One way all tracking can improve your PPC is by giving you full visibility for your ad performance.

With software from an expert call tracking company, you can receive visitor-level tracking for all your customers. This means you’ll be able to trace the full journeys of every customer who interacts with your PPC ads.

This includes the touchpoints they visited before and after they visited your ad, as well as whether they converted to a call or sale later on.

With more visibility over your PPC ad performance, you can make more data-driven decisions on how to optimise it.

  1. Maximising conversions

Call tracking can also help you maximise conversions from your PPC ads, by enhancing the content based on customer interaction.

Using the software, you’ll know which of your ads are producing the most conversions, such as a call following a visit to an ad.

As a result, you can analyse the type of content used in these ads, as these are evidently more successful at engaging customers.

You can then replicate this content in your other ads, so they also begin to produce higher conversions and increase your valuable leads overall.

  1. Increasing cost-effectiveness

You can also use call tracking to improve the cost-effectiveness of your PPC ads.

By analysing the data from your software, you’ll know which ads are generating high engagement, and which are receiving limited visits from customers.

You can then direct more of your resources towards the successful ads, and remove budgets from the ads which are underperforming.

This can give you a more cost-efficient structure, and a lower cost per lead for your PPC ads.

  1. More effective ad diversification

Another way call tracking can improve your PPC is by giving you more effective ad diversification.

There are various platforms where you could place your PPC ads, and the analytics gathered by your call tracking software can help you decide on the best mix for your marketing.

The software will show you on which platforms your ads are generating the most conversions. For example, there could be a high number of customers following links on your Facebook ads to your website, and then calling.

You’ll then know where to direct more of your PPC ads for maximum results, and which platforms to avoid wasting spend on.

  1. Automated tasks

With expert call tracking software, you can also perform various crucial tasks in your PPC strategy automatically.

For instance, rather than having to manually report on the activity of your PPC ads, call tracking can compile all the necessary data in reports automatically.

This can reveal things such as the number of visitors to your PPC ads, the number of conversions, the visitor to call ratio, etc.

This not only saves time from having to complete these tasks yourself, but also ensures the information is accurate to inform your future strategies.

With these top five ways to improve your PPC with call tracking, you have everything you need to start optimising your PPC like never before.


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