6 Ways To Boost The Visual Appeal Of Your Products

Customers purchase products based on two factors: practicality and attractiveness. Your product can show one of either but most often people would rather buy a nice-looking item that serves a purpose.

When you feel your business is moving slowly, it’s time to consider some overhauling. You could start with the products you have for sale. Think of what makes customers flock to your product and what makes them turn a blind eye. More often than not, the product itself is fine. It’s the design that may need upgrading.

These tips listed below can help you enhance that and make anything you’re selling more visually appealing.

1. Improve Its Physical Design

Companies may have their customer demographic but that doesn’t mean they can’t reel in more potential customers. One of the possible reasons some customers don’t buy a product is its physical design.

If you’re selling electronic devices, you also need to consider the user interface of these products. You may do this by hiring a professional to create a graphic overlay design for you. It’s affordable and it provides a clean interface for people to use.

Graphic overlays are the main component of electronic devices and the first thing customers will see. These can serve as markers under buttons so users won’t be confused. You may also have the designs be customised to include your brand name and logo.

It’s also worth noting how minimalism has become a hot trend for anything lately. The more complicated a product looks; the more people would raise their brows. If having an eccentric design is making you lose customers, you might need to simplify things.

Try running a product test involving everyday people to collect their comments and suggestions. Take note that a product’s simplicity also lies in its usability. An item with a more complicated design might be confusing to most people. If they find something hard to use, they’ll look for a similar product that makes more sense.

2. Know Elements Of Graphic Design

Shock value attracts people but you want them to stay loyal to your products for as long as possible.

Professional and appealing graphic designs help businesses thrive. Some older companies have upgraded their popular designs to fit the current time. Great designs can even convince people to buy your product without them having to read the description.

Two visual elements to consider in graphic designs are fonts and icons. Choose or create fonts that are readable by most. Illegible fonts and misplaced words will only give your customers headaches. Incorporate icons that fit the product you’re selling. And try not to imitate the designs of other companies. Customers will either confuse your product for an existing one or worse, think yours is a cheap copy.

3. Utilise Colour Palettes

Most people have a favourite colour or two. They’d easily be attracted to products bearing these colours and maybe even buy them. If your product follows good colour combinations, you can entice more people to check it out and buy it.

Colours elicit specific emotions in humans. This is why most fast-food restaurants are painted in reds, yellows, and oranges. These three hues induce hunger and make the common passerby think twice.

If you’re at a loss for which colours to use, consider one of the following:

  • Red: The most commanding of the colours, red catches the eyes of most people. This makes it the preferred colour for marketing materials.
  • Pink: Make use of soft rose tints and shocking pinks if your demographic is women of all ages.
  • Green: Let your customers know your products are environmentally friendly with the colour associated with earth and nature.
  • Blue: Experiment with blue shades if you want your customers to view you as trustworthy and reliable.
  • Black: You can never go wrong with modern and minimalist black. This colour also pairs well with others. So, you can make many combinations with this.

Once you’ve decided on which colours to use, you’re recommended to use these not just on your product but in your marketing as well. Additionally, stay consistent with your use of filters on photos. This will make your brand noticeable on social media from the vast array of shop accounts.

4. Take Better Photos

People will take notice of exceptional product photos whether posted on storefronts, magazines, or social media. If your product’s photos are taken in bad lighting and bad angles, no one will bother taking a second look.

To take great product photos, consider the following factors:

  • Composition and balance: You want your audience to keep their eyes trained on the photo’s main element, which is the product you’re selling. Good photo composition will keep viewers from looking or clicking elsewhere.
  • Lighting and colour: One of the basics, light is an important element when taking a photo. You don’t want your product photos to look too dark or too bright. Play with lighting effects too to create drama in your photos.
  • Structure: Potential customers should be able to spot your product photo even from afar. Make use of shapes and angles to highlight the product.

When you’re first starting, you don’t even need a high-end camera. Your smartphone will do just fine. With some understanding of basic photo tricks, you can take professional-looking photos with your phone.

5. Compose Concise And Detailed Descriptions

Most people wouldn’t take time to read product descriptions, but that shouldn’t mean you don’t need one. When you write your descriptions, include a product overview and its best features. Let your customers know what your product does best and what makes it worth buying. Try to begin your descriptions with a short one to three-word phrase that will make them read the rest.

You can also add positive customer reviews under your product. The goal is to attract new customers and make them buy something from you. Pictures are worth a thousand words but perfectly chosen words hold more power.

6. Use Other Visual Platforms

Many businesses nowadays are dipping their feet in social media to get their products known. From photos to videos, there are several ways you can make your product more appealing while reaching larger audiences.

People love spending their free time online so use that to your advantage. Go and post those pretty photos on apps that usually cater to photos and videos. The algorithm may work in your favour to lead potential customers to your official account if they’re already looking at similar products.

Aside from posting photos, try posting short video clips as well. Customers will appreciate watching how your product is used and what else they can do with it. Seeing other people interacting and tinkering with it also sends a human connection to whoever watches. They’ll think, ‘if regular folk can have and use this, then so can I.’

In Conclusion

These are a few easy ways to make your products more attractive. Its design should lure customers to buy your product. An upgraded visual design can bring life back to a product that has gotten out of the radar.

Take time to study what yours is lacking, what can be added, and what can be removed. Then make the necessary improvements on it and watch how your business could expand and grow.



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