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Today, we will be diving deep into one of the proprietary trading firms that has been gaining substantial traction in recent years: SurgeTrader.

This entity, backed by Valo Holdings, a venture capitalist firm, stands out with its simplified audition process, enticing profit splits, and simple trading rules.

Trading Platforms and Instruments

SurgeTrader has carefully curated its platform to support a wide range of trading activities. This includes trading individual stocks, futures, commodities, forex, and more. The inclusion of algorithmic trading is a nice touch that adds to the appeal, considering the ever-growing interest in automated trading strategies.

They have also partnered with several mainstream trading platforms, offering traders flexibility in choosing their preferred environment for trading. This choice makes it more inclusive, accommodating both novice and experienced traders alike.

One-Step Evaluation Process

What sets SurgeTrader apart from many other prop trading firms is their one-step evaluation process. The process tests traders’ skills with an emphasis on risk management, profit target achievement, and maintaining minimum trading days.

This evaluation process involves traders paying an audition fee, a common practice in most proprietary trading firms. Unlike other firms, however, SurgeTrader has a maximum trailing drawdown and daily loss limit in place. This approach promotes responsible trading and instills better risk management techniques in traders.

Profit Target and Simple Rules

SurgeTrader employs a set of straightforward trading rules that traders need to adhere to, creating a framework within which they can maximize their profits. The profit target is one of the most essential aspects that is stressed during the audition process. This focus on a profit target, combined with the daily drawdown limit, prevents traders from reckless trading and encourages sound strategies.

Flexible Funding with Prop Firms

Once traders clear the audition process, SurgeTrader provides them with a trading account. The account size is flexible, varying based on the trader’s preference and the audition performance. This structure has a two-fold benefit: it allows profitable traders to scale up their operations quickly and also maintains risk control.

Profit Split and Drawdown Limit

In terms of profit share, SurgeTrader offers one of the most competitive splits in the market. Profitable traders can take home a significant portion of the profits they generate. Moreover, the firm has a clear policy on maximum drawdown to ensure the trading activities remain within the limits of risk tolerance.

One distinguishing feature of SurgeTrader is its daily loss limit. While many prop firms only have a maximum drawdown rule, the daily loss limit at SurgeTrader helps prevent traders from wiping out their account in a single day due to a poor trade or unexpected news event.

Trading Education and Support

SurgeTrader not only provides a platform for traders to grow but also invests in enhancing their trading skills. They offer a wide range of educational resources, including training programs, webinars, and articles that cover various aspects of trading. These resources cater to both beginners and experienced traders.

Moreover, SurgeTrader provides ongoing support, helping traders refine their strategies and improve their understanding of market behavior. Their active community is another valuable resource, allowing traders to learn from each other and share insights.

A Conducive Environment for Institutional Traders

SurgeTrader encourages an environment similar to institutional trading floors. Traders have access to real-time news feeds for news trading, sophisticated analytical tools, and low-latency order execution.

Final Verdict

SurgeTrader offers an impressive package for those looking to enter the world of prop trading firms. Their simple rules, a straightforward evaluation process, and focus on risk management make them a strong contender. They provide profitable traders with competitive profit splits and sufficient room to grow.

The educational resources and ongoing support further amplify the appeal for both novice and experienced traders. Finally, the daily loss limit and maximum drawdown policy provide an additional layer of risk control, ensuring traders maintain a level of prudence in their operations.

There is no denying that SurgeTrader has made significant strides in simplifying the entry process into proprietary trading. However, traders should bear in mind that, like all trading, there are potential risks involved. It is essential to understand and respect these risks to succeed in the financial markets.

Who Is SurgeTrader For?

SurgeTrader is suitable for traders who are looking for an opportunity to trade with significant capital without risking their own funds. It appeals to both new and experienced traders due to its simple audition process, which emphasizes trading skills and risk management rather than past performance or trading volume.

It is also an excellent option for traders who are interested in news trading, as they provide real-time news feeds. Algorithmic traders can benefit from their support for automated trading strategies.

If you’re looking for other top prop trading firms, be sure to check out Earn2Trade, and City Traders Imperium.


All things considered, SurgeTrader emerges as a promising platform that democratizes access to the world of proprietary trading. It sets the bar high with its approach to trading education, risk management, and providing institutional-grade trading conditions.

Whether you are a new trader wanting to test your trading skills or an experienced trader looking for additional capital, SurgeTrader presents a unique proposition. Despite the audition fees and potential challenges in meeting the trading rules, the potential for profit and the range of resources at your disposal make SurgeTrader an exciting option to consider.

It is recommended, however, to thoroughly understand the terms and conditions of SurgeTrader before committing. This review aims to provide an overview, but it is always prudent to do your due diligence. Happy trading!


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