Applications Of Industrial Dust Collector In Welding Industry

Electric welding operations involve almost all industrial fields in today’s rapidly developing socio-economic world.

During the welding process, dangerous gases and dust particles are inevitably released. These particles are often very small and easily inhaled, but the potential for widespread explosions and combustion of dust particles consisting of combustible materials is even more frightening.

While it can be challenging to capture hazardous fumes in the welding industry, it is also not easy to choose a good quality and suitable industrial dust collector. Continue reading this article to learn more about industrial dust collectors’ application and selection tips in the welding industry.

The Necessities Of Industrial Dust Collector In The Welding Industry

Choosing the suitable industrial dust filters for your welding workshop is an important and necessary investment. Using industrial dust collectors can clean the air, increase employee efficiency, and reduce equipment costs.

  1. For Health

The composition of welding fumes varies depending on the welding rod used. Still, the main component produced during the process is a metal oxide, and the fume particles are very small in diameter and generally coalesce into a flocculent form. Long-term inhalation of this welding fume can cause fibrotic lung tissue lesions. What’s more, the welding fume has been cited by the World Health Organisation and the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) as a factor in lung cancer. Using industrial dust collectors to purify the air and create a clean air environment for employees will help to improve retention rates.

  1. For Safety

The welding of combustible materials often produces more dangerous fumes than solid materials. These harmful fumes carry combustible particles that fill the welding workshop and are potentially extremely dangerous. They are more widespread than solid materials and are more flammable and explosive. Therefore, for the safety of employees and workshop property, it is necessary to install an industrial dust collector to purify these gases and ensure safety.

  1. For Efficiency

Using an industrial dust collector also helps to increase efficiency. The high concentrations of fumes generated during welding can affect the visibility of the employees and can be detrimental to the performance of their welding work. At the same time, if the area is not ventilated or cleaned for a long period, particles dropped during welding can collect near the welding machine and affect efficiency.

After knowing the importance of an industrial dust collector to the welding industry, it is necessary for you to consider some factors while choosing a suitable collect and its dust filter cartridge.

The Selection Tips Of Industrial Dust Collector For The Welding Industry

  1. Quality

Each different industry produces dust particles that are specific to its industry. Others in the welding industry often carry metal, so the filters are easy to be worn and tear. Therefore, when purchasing an industrial dust collector, the purchaser has to consider the components of the welding dust collection system. The industrial dust collector must be of high quality and industrial-grade to withstand the harsh industrial environment in which it will be used.

  1. Filter Media

The industrial filter cartridge is an important component of the filter and directly affects the effectiveness of the filtration. Choose the correct filter element according to the gases released by the welding. As welding fume particulate is fine, filter material should choose spun-bond polyester with PTFE membrane, and its high filtration efficiency can filter fine particles less than 0.3 microns @ 99.99%.

  1. Maintenance

Operating costs will increase if filter maintenance or replacement parts are frequently required due to quality issues. Sourcing high-quality equipment does not require excessive maintenance other than regular cleaning and replacing the industrial filter cartridge. Sourcing a quality filter element from a reliable merchant guarantees the effectiveness of the filtration while also maintaining the time and money spent.

Farrleey is committed to offering high-quality and durable dust filter cartridges for various industries as a famous filter cartridge manufacturer. Here are some advantages of the welding smoke filter cartridges from Farrleey.

Benefits Of Using Farrleey Welding Smoke Filter Cartridges

Excellent Performance With Reasonable Structure

  1. The end cover is made of a high-quality electrolytic plate, which has better anti-corrosion and anti-rust performance; spiral rhombic mesh with reinforcement, which has better strength, and the gap between the inner mesh and the filter material is even, so it will not rub against the filter material.
  2. Low hardness and high strength closed cell rubber seal ensure the filter cartridge’s airtightness.
  3. Super strong adhesive is used, which will not produce degumming and cracking, ensuring the service life of the filter cartridge and safety of use under high load.

Wide Applications

  • Large scale steel welding industry
  • Shipbuilding
  • Automotive
  • Metal processing industry
  • Thermal spray industry
  • Electronic processing

Farrleey welding smoke filter cartridges can be used in harsh working conditions and are an affordable alternative to other brand industrial filter cartridges.

Choose The Best Industrial Dust Collector From Farrleey

Since its establishment in 2007, Farrleey has been committed to creating a clean air environment for thousands of companies in various industries. They have sufficient production capacity, including six large-scale production lines with over 1.2 million units annual output. They have never stopped researching and developing, and their filter cartridges and folding filter plates earn more than 20 patents. If you need a highly efficient, durable, and cost-effective industrial dust collector, contact Farrleey today and be sure to achieve a satisfactory solution.



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