British Airways fined over $1M for delayed refunds during COVID-19 pandemic


British Airways has been fined $1.1 million by the U.S. Transportation Department (USDOT) for failing to provide timely refunds to passengers for flights to and from the United States during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This penalty aims to serve as a strong deterrent to future unlawful practices by British Airways and other carriers.

Allegations Against British Airways

Since March 2020, the USDOT received over 1,200 complaints alleging that British Airways failed to provide timely refunds to passengers. The airline was accused of not maintaining adequate customer service phone lines, making it challenging for consumers to request refunds for flights that were either cancelled or significantly changed.

According to the USDOT, British Airways’ website instructed customers to contact the carrier via phone to discuss refund options during the period from March to November 2020. However, customers were unable to reach customer service agents when calling the carrier due to inadequate functionality of the phone lines. Additionally, there was no option to submit a refund request through the carrier’s website during this period.

The situation was further exacerbated by misleading information on the airline’s website, which led consumers to inadvertently request travel vouchers instead of refunds.

British Airways’ Response

In response to the allegations, British Airways denied any wrongdoing, stating that it acted lawfully at all times. The airline acknowledged that during the height of the pandemic, customers experienced slightly longer wait times to reach customer service teams due to the closure of some call centers and the cancellation of thousands of flights as a result of government restrictions.

British Airways emphasized that it offered customers the flexibility to rebook travel on different dates or claim refunds if their flights were cancelled. To date, the airline has issued more than five million refunds since the start of the pandemic.

Credit Towards the Penalty

The USDOT has credited British Airways $550,000 toward the penalty, as the airline issued more than $40 million in refunds to customers with nonrefundable tickets in 2020 and 2021. This credit reduces the total amount payable by the airline, but still serves as a reminder of the importance of providing timely refunds to customers.

USDOT’s Actions Against Other Airlines

The British Airways fine is not an isolated case of the USDOT taking action against airlines for delayed refunds. Last month, LATAM Airlines Group was fined $1 million after the airline and its affiliates delayed refunds. The USDOT received more than 750 complaints alleging that LATAM, the largest carrier in Latin America, failed to provide timely refunds for U.S. flights.

In January, the USDOT announced its intention to seek higher penalties for airlines violating consumer protection rules, in an effort to deter future misconduct and prevent such penalties from being viewed as merely a cost of doing business.

The Importance of Timely Refunds

Timely refunds are crucial for maintaining customer trust and satisfaction, particularly during challenging times such as the COVID-19 pandemic. When flights are cancelled or significantly changed, passengers should have access to a straightforward and efficient process for requesting and receiving refunds.

Airlines must ensure that they maintain adequate customer service channels, including phone lines and online platforms, to allow passengers to request refunds without undue difficulty. Providing clear and accurate information on refund options is also essential to prevent confusion and frustration among customers.

The Impact of the Pandemic on Airlines

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the airline industry, with many carriers experiencing financial difficulties due to travel restrictions and reduced demand for flights. In such circumstances, it is understandable that airlines may face challenges in providing timely refunds to customers. However, it is important for carriers to prioritize customer service and support, even during difficult times.

The British Airways case serves as a reminder that airlines must continue to uphold high standards of customer service, despite the challenges presented by the pandemic. By doing so, carriers can maintain customer trust and loyalty, which will be vital for their recovery in the post-pandemic world.

Lessons for Other Carriers

The British Airways fine highlights the importance of airlines maintaining effective customer service channels and providing timely refunds to passengers. Other carriers can learn from this case and take steps to ensure that they are adequately prepared to handle refund requests, particularly in times of crisis.

Airlines should invest in their customer service infrastructure, including phone lines and online platforms, to make it easy for passengers to request refunds when necessary. Additionally, carriers should ensure that their refund policies are clearly communicated and easily accessible to customers, in order to prevent confusion and misunderstandings.

The Future of Air Travel and Customer Service

As the world gradually recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, the airline industry faces a long road to recovery. To succeed in this new landscape, carriers must prioritize customer service and satisfaction, including providing timely refunds when required.

Airlines that demonstrate a commitment to customer care, transparency, and efficient refund processes will be better positioned to regain customer trust and loyalty, which will be essential for their long-term success. The British Airways case serves as a valuable lesson for all carriers, emphasizing the importance of maintaining high standards of customer service even in the face of unprecedented challenges.


The $1.1 million fine imposed on British Airways by the USDOT underscores the importance of timely refunds and effective customer service in the airline industry. As carriers navigate the post-pandemic world, they must prioritize customer satisfaction and invest in the necessary infrastructure to ensure a smooth refund process for passengers. By doing so, airlines can maintain customer trust and loyalty, which will be crucial for their recovery and long-term success.


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