Coworking and small business experts welcome UK Taskforce guidance

The UK Government’s Flexible Working Taskforce has published practical guidance for employers designed to support hybrid working models, in a bid to help organisations retain staff and improve working wellbeing.

The Flexible Working Taskforce is made up of organisations such as the CIPD, the British Chambers of Commerce, the Institue of Directors and the Trades Union Congress.

Commenting on the new guidance, CEO of coworking and small business support company Town Square Spaces Ltd (TownSq) Gareth Jones, said: “We welcome the new guidance published by the Flexible Working Taskforce and echo their calls for employers to engage with staff and embrace this new way of working.

“The facts are that the pandemic has brought with it a change to the way we work that means we will not be returning to the status quo. Workers have tasted a better way of doing things, and it’s no surprise that one in four people are considering quitting their jobs if employers refuse to adopt these new practicalities. Coined, ‘The great resignation’, this is simply the manifestation of how technology has enabled us to live and work the way we want to, with greater work/life balance and job satisfaction.

“We’re finding workers are making use of our spaces across the UK, and our Cowork Local scheme, which sees venues transform into shared workspaces, is growing in response to the demand for flexible and productive, working options closer to home. This way of working isn’t the future, it’s already happened – employers just need to catch up.”



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