Creating A New Stream Of Income Along With Your WFH Job: Updated List 2021

In this rapid pacing world, who would not love to sit on his couch and work at the comfort of his home, and earn handsomely.

In today’s modern world, it’s not so difficult to work for what you are good at and would be easily paid for without stepping out of your house.

Nearly 15 million people in the urban areas of India are living this dream, as demonstrated by the Freelancer Incomes all over the World Report 2018. They are solopreneurs and are self-satisfied as well. The growing trend is a boon to all sectors, boosting the economy as well. Just like using the best NY Betting Apps you get to enjoy betting without going anywhere, there are several ways to create a source of side income along with your WFH job.

From online marketers to content writers, and video editors to Web developers, people are finding a plethora of work opportunities in this online domain. In a January 2018 PayPal study conducted amongst 500 Indians, around 41% have witnessed a speedy growth within a year with domestic and international clients. Approximately 23% had an annual income of Rs 60 lakh, and the sum is quite appealing, isn’t it.

Why Work From Home?

There are multiple online jobs available today depending on your lifestyle, wants, and preferences. Working from home can be a very good option for the ones who require flexibility in working time or the ability to stay in their place and work.

It is always beneficial to have readily available opportunities to earn extra money from your home. A strong network connection, availability of the device, and a patient surrounding are all it takes for a work-from-home job. At the end of the day, it all comes down to your goals and how persevered you are in your actions to automate your income.

Choose Your Preferences


Enormous job opportunities to work for organizations on a freelance note, which offers a flexible schedule in various specialties. Freelancing in:

  • Writing- content, creative, accessibility, technological, etc.
  • Editing- video, journal, newspapers, books, etc.
  • Web development
  • Graphic design- graphics, designs, posters, flyers, banners, etc.
  • Social media management- digital marketing, account handling, etc.

Freelance work is associated with many benefits including reduced transportation costs, flexible work hours, personal time management, and ease in working for more than one organization. Freelancing has become the best source of income for the present generation.

Virtual Assistant

Get into the zeal of completing tasks as a virtual assistant and let the money flow. If you are an organized person and can effectively manage your time, then getting into the role of a virtual assistant lets you a low-friction entry into the digital services industry. These functions can be easily performed as a remote offerer.

Effective communication skills, efficient time management, and due attention to detail are essential for the success of a virtual assistant.

Online Tutor

Online tutors guide and help students with their academic and subject papers. This is an apt way to earn extra income from home only if you are proficient in school subjects and teaching students. You have to extend your knowledge on the subject matter and the topics in a specific module to the students you tend to teach. As an online tutor, you will help them with texts, homework, and doubt-clearing sessions on online platforms like Google meet, zoom, etc.

You need to be amiable, an efficient communicator, and well versed in the modules you teach. Several companies offer online tutoring jobs with respective schedules that allow you to choose your workload management and teaching sessions.

Social Media Management

Many organizations and public profiles rely on remote service providers and engage with people to maintain their social media profiles. As a social media manager, you have to manage and maintain their accounts, and post on behalf of the organization or the person on a regular basis, plan social media posts in advance, analyze and direct recommendations for social media strategies and techniques, engage with audiences for personal connections, and many more.

Social media is a necessity in today’s world, and almost each and every individual is connected to a social media platform. Job roles in social media management are quite interesting and fetch a pretty extra income for you.


These online jobs are not very easy ways of making money, so you must not become complacent. But a proper dedication and relevant efforts can turn the tables around. Consistency, patience, and time management are the keys to your comfortable extra income. The job listings are available on freelancing and career sites. There are various other platforms as well for the online availability of jobs, you just need to start working.



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