Easy Steps to Expand Your Music Audience on Spotify

So, you’ve finally put yourself out there. You’ve taken the bold step of setting up a musician profile for yourself on Spotify; congratulations!

Now you want to maximise the impact of your new platform by optimising it, here are some easy ways to draw people to your music.

Get Your Account Verified

Similar to social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram, you can get your Spotify account verified. This will help you build your brand on the platform and give you legitimacy.

Also, make sure to add a profile picture and a bio. The more relatable you are, the more likely it is that you will attract listeners, and a big part of being relatable is being human, not a default profile picture with no bio.

Create Playlists

Creating artist playlists will help get you streams and improve your chances of attracting listeners. Your playlists could appear in listeners recommended sections. Playlists can also be a way of showcasing your best work on your profile. For example, the artist Machine Gun Kelly’s Spotify profile has playlists like “Machine Gun Kelly: Best Of” and “EST FEST X MIXTAPE”

Link Your Spotify Account to Your Social Media

Have you got an Instagram account? YouTube? Twitter? Or maybe even Facebook? Of course you do! Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade or so, I’m sure you have an account with at least one of these platforms, and an effective way to build your following on a new platform (in this case, Spotify) is to redirect your old following to it. Unfortunately, you probably won’t see all your other followings make the jump to your Spotify but don’t be disheartened; hopefully a significant amount will.

Engage with Other Musicians

Don’t be shy; reach out to other musicians. If you like their work, share it on social media, and they might be willing to do the same. You could make collaborative playlists with them or make your own playlists that include each other’s music. When it comes to Spotify listeners, sharing is caring.

Send Your Music to Playlist Curators

On Spotify, there are some public playlists with thousands of followers (or sometimes even more) that are run by a “Curator”. This is someone who adds and removes songs to keep a playlist fresh and up to date. Reaching out to a curator and submitting your song to them could get your music onto these popular playlists and into a wider circulation on Spotify. Wider circulation means more listeners! This will give you more plays on Spotify.

Paid Promotion

If you’re starting to get serious with your Spotify career, then you can invest money into it by paying for promotion. You can do this by contacting a reputable Spotify promoter and talking through the process with them. Some reputable promoters are Omari MC, Playlist Push, and Orion Promotion.

That’s a few steps to get you started; hopefully you find your Spotify music audience (listeners) steadily growing and your music career reaching new heights!



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