Five online sports betting features used by millions worldwide

The online sports betting industry wasn’t that popular several years ago because most punters preferred going to one of the land-based betting shops in their countries.

Today, those places continue to be a gathering hub for bettors, especially in the UK, but due to the rapid growth of iGaming, they are not as popular as before.

At first sight, online bookmakers and their land-based counterparts look the same. Both of them feature tons of sports and allow you to bet on the hottest events worldwide. Some online bookies might include fancy betting options, such as Politics and Special Bets, but some of their colleagues also started adding these things.

Even though there are some similarities, the differences are a lot more noticeable. Besides the numerous payment options and the exclusive bonuses, none of which are available in a land-based bookie, the online operators also offer distinct features. Without further ado, here are some of the most prominent ones used by people worldwide.

1. Cash Out

The first feature is the one to “blame” for the iGaming industry’s popularity. Cash Out is an option that may have several versions, but it usually does the same thing. If you check Nostrabet and read the comprehensive LeoVegas review written by experts, you will see that Cash Out gives punters the power to settle a bet preemptively. To put it another way, you can use Cash Out and close your bet five minutes after it starts or five minutes before it ends (keep in mind that this rule may not be applicable because some bookies have specific regulations).

If you decide to use Cash Out, you will receive a specific amount of money which you can check after going to your betslip. Although there are exceptions, in most cases, bookies will give you more money if you are likely to predict your bet successfully.

Another thing to keep in mind about Cash Out is that the feature may be temporarily disabled when there are things, such as penalty kicks, corners, etc. That’s why it is essential to have access to the next option on our list.

2. Bet Builder

The next feature on our list is commonly known as Bet Builder, although you may find it under numerous other names. People who visit Nostrabet’s site to read the comprehensive LeoVegas review will see that one of the industry’s leading bookies offers this option. It allows them to combine different markets to increase the odds.

Unfortunately, some sports do not support Bet Builder, so you must check the given operator’s sportsbook before choosing this feature. Usually, you can use the above-mentioned option while punting on some of the most popular sports.

3. Live Streaming

This is probably one of the rarest iGaming features you will have access to because it requires online bookies to use third-party companies’ services. Fortunately, some of the best brands in the business will give you access to it, which means you can watch the events you bet on.

While it is true that Live Streaming doesn’t give you a special advantage, such as Cash Out, it works well when used alongside it. The fact that you can watch a given event as it unfolds allows you to keep track of specific things, such as which team/player is more likely to win. These things will help you if you are wondering when to Cash Out or which from the live betting markets to choose.

It is important to note that most brands offer a Live Streaming feature for eSports because they managed to implement Twitch to their platforms. Sometimes, you can also watch football matches and other popular events in real-time.

4. Live Graphics

Live Streaming is one option that stands out, but it is not as common as live graphics. One of the advantages of using this feature is that you immediately have access to the essential information. Instead of watching the event, the bookie will give you stats that you can use to place a bet.

Another thing that should be pointed out is that Live Graphics doesn’t use as much mobile data as Live Streaming. This may not be a problem for some punters, but many mobile bettors don’t have access to an unlimited data plan.

5. Bet Edit

The last popular feature among inexperienced bettors allows them to make changes after placing a bet. Bet Edit is an option used by gamblers worldwide, but it is not accessible on most sports betting platforms. This means that the only way to change some of your bet’s parameters is to use Cash Out and place a new one.

You can utilize Bet Edit to change the market, as well as the amount you’ve bet. However, it can’t be used to add and/or remove additional markets. In other words, you can’t combine it with Bet Builder.



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