is it always the right solution?


Outsource custom development can be a very effective solution on a large number of occasions, such as if you are starting out in the business market or you do not have the necessary resources or knowledge to carry out the work of a developer.

Currently, outsourcing custom web development services is becoming more and more common, because working together with a technology partner greatly helps to achieve new challenges.

When outsourcing software development, it is necessary to take into account some factors, such as, for example, what services can be outsourced, benefits of this action, etc. Next, we will delve into these issues. Let’s get to it!

Custom development outsourcing, what are the possible ways?

The subcontracting or outsourcing of custom development is the delegation of development tasks of a company to external providers.

Regarding the way in which services are provided, there are different hiring options which could work for custom development, depending on your business and the project you want to carry out.

  • Off-Shoring. The provider that performs the outsourcing is abroad. This format is also known as delocalised.
  • Off-Site. The requested services are carried out in the outsourcing company.
  • In-House. As its name indicates, in this case, the services are carried out within the requesting company.
  • Co-Sourcing. All types of responsibilities are shared between the subcontracted company and the claimant.

Custom development services plus outsourced

Although you can outsource practically any technological development, there are some types of projects that are more common when it comes to betting on outsourcing instead of hiring your own profiles internally. The most demanded services are usually these:

  • Custom software development. In this area it can be both app development, cross-platform development, web development, internal software or mobile game development. They are usually specific technological projects (that start and end) or that require a very specific specialization (infrequently used technologies, for example) that we do not have in the team.
  • UI/UX design. UI and UX design take a big role in any digital project. Although many companies have in-house developers, they do not own design and usability experts, which is why they are one of the most subcontracted profiles for specific projects when the volume of work is not very high or is not prolonged in time.
  • IT maintenance and technical assistance. This is a very common outsourcing model as well. In this case, to avoid having a dedicated team but to have the best technological attention, it maintenance and technical assistance are usually subcontracted continuously after finishing a technological project.

Main models of development outsourcing

Not all projects are the same. That’s why not all outsourcing models are the same. We highlight 3 very common models:

  1. Dedicated development. This model is characterized by subcontracting only specific functions of the development department, the work goes hand in hand with the internal team of the requesting company. The positive thing about dedicated development is the great control that exists over the development process.
  2. 360º managed services. The contracted service is complete, that is, the company outsources the entire management of the development department.
  3. Project-based methodology. As its name indicates, the company outsources a complete project. Therefore, the outsourced provider must take responsibility for the development.

Advantages of outsourcing custom development

Development outsourcing means great advantages. If you still do not have them clear, we will tell you below.

  • Totally specialized talent. If you decide to outsource, you will be able to enjoy the work of experts in the demanded service.
  • Cost reduction. When contracting services outside your country, economic conditions vary, and in some cases you can take advantage of lower labor rates.
  • Improved delivery time . External teams, as a rule, deliver projects faster.
  • Quality improvement. By having external teams specialized in specific tasks, the final product will be of higher quality. In addition, the subcontracted company will have more knowledge, which will have a complete impact on custom development.

In response to whether outsourcing custom development is always the proper solution, it really depends on each company. But as we can see, it can bring great benefits, so don’t hesitate to take the plunge and start outsourcing custom development!


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