London Mayor Confirms Off-Peak Fridays Trial to Commence on 8th March, Urging Londoners to Embrace #LetsDoFridays


London’s Mayor, Sadiq Khan, has officially announced today that a groundbreaking trial will kick off next Friday, 8th March.

This initiative will see Tube and rail fares on pay as you go with contactless and Oyster cards set to off-peak rates all day on Fridays.

The Mayor has introduced this trial to aid Transport for London (TfL) and rail operators in gauging the potential impact of off-peak fares on Fridays, aiming to drive ridership and boost London’s broader economic recovery. Scheduled to run for three months until 31st May, this trial holds significance for major cities globally, seeking strategies to rebound post-pandemic. This initiative follows the recent announcement of the Mayor’s decision to freeze TfL fares until March 2025, further aiding Londoners grappling with the cost of living amidst the pandemic’s aftermath.

Under the trial, pay as you go journeys made on Fridays using contactless and Oyster cards (excluding journeys to/from Heathrow airport via Zone 1) will benefit from off-peak rates. Additionally, the daily cap will be adjusted during the trial to reflect off-peak rates on Fridays, providing further savings for commuters making multiple journeys throughout the day. However, bus and tram fares across London will remain unchanged, set at a flat rate of £1.75 regardless of the time of travel.

Moreover, as part of this trial, individuals holding the 60+ London Oyster photocard and Older Persons’ Freedom Passes will enjoy free travel all day on Fridays, extending support to this demographic.

To finance the trial, £24 million has been allocated from the Mayor of London’s recently approved budget. This funding will compensate TfL and rail operators for potential revenue loss during the trial period and cover associated operational costs.

The implementation of off-peak Friday fares carries significant potential benefits for London’s businesses and commuters amidst the ongoing cost-of-living challenges. For example, commuters from Uxbridge to Holborn could see savings of £2 on their Tube fare, while those traveling from Newbury Park to Canary Wharf may save 90p. Similarly, rail commuters from Epsom to Waterloo could save £2.70 on their Friday journeys during the trial.

Mayor Khan expressed optimism that off-peak Friday fares could stimulate economic activity, particularly in London’s vibrant hospitality, business, and leisure sectors. With London boasting a rich array of attractions and events, he urged Londoners to embrace #LetsDoFridays and make the most of the city’s offerings.

The Mayor’s call to action received support from key stakeholders, including TfL, London & Partners, and various business improvement districts (BIDs) across London. This collaborative effort aims to showcase exclusive offers and incentives to encourage participation in the trial and revitalize Friday footfall across the city.

Overall, this innovative trial underscores London’s resilience and adaptability in navigating post-pandemic challenges, with the Mayor championing initiatives to foster a fairer, greener, and more prosperous London for all.


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