Should You Hire A Video Production Company Or Create Your Videos In House?


There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to creating videos for your business. You could choose to hire a video production company, or you could create the videos in-house.

Both have their own pros and cons, so it can be tough to decide which option is the best for you. In this article, we will break down the two options and help you make the decision that is right for your business.

1) Hiring a Video Production Company

When you hire a video production company, you are outsourcing the entire process of creating your videos. This includes video services like finding a crew, coming up with ideas, filming, and editing. The pros of hiring a video production company are that you can get high-quality videos made quickly and without any hassle. They will have a lot of experience creating videos, so you can be sure that your videos will be well made.

The cons of hiring a video production company are that it can be expensive, and you may not have as much control over the final product as you would like. You also need to make sure that you find a reputable company that will deliver on its promises.

Additionally, if you are not happy with the videos that the production company creates, it can be difficult to make changes. This is because the final product will likely already be edited and uploaded to your website or social media profiles.

2) Creating Videos In-House

When you create videos in-house, you are doing everything yourself, from coming up with the ideas to filming to editing. The pros of creating videos in-house are that it can be a lot cheaper than hiring a video production company, and you have more control over the final product. You also don’t need any special equipment or training, which makes it a good option for businesses that are just starting out.

Additionally, in-house videos can be more personal and feel more like a collaboration between you and your team. This can help to create a stronger connection with your audience.

The cons of creating videos in-house are that it can be time-consuming and challenging, especially if you don’t have any video experience. It can also be difficult to produce high-quality videos without the right equipment and training.

So, which option is the best for your business?

Hiring a video production company is a good option if you want high-quality videos quickly and without any hassle. However, if you are looking for more control over the final product or want to save money, creating videos in-house may be a better option for you.

The Cost

When it comes to creating professional videos, the cost can vary significantly depending on a number of factors. Factors that will affect the cost include the length of the video, the type of video, and the level of production quality you desire.

For example, a simple, one-minute video with no special effects or animations will likely cost much less than a complex, five-minute video that includes sophisticated graphics and animation. Similarly, videos that require actors or special locations will be more expensive to produce than those that do not.

The cost of making your own video in-house can be as low as $100 for a basic, homemade video. However, the cost of hiring a professional video production company can vary widely, depending on the size and scope of the project. For example, a company may charge several thousand dollars for a high-quality, corporate video.

There are two main options for video creation: hiring a professional video production company or doing it in-house. Hiring someone else to create your videos can be expensive, but they will have experience creating quality content that you’ll love. If money isn’t an issue and you want control over the final product, then going outsource is probably the best option for you.

However, if this does not sound like the right choice for your business or budget, consider making your own videos in-house instead! Depending on how much time and effort you’re willing to put into it (and what type of equipment), this could make sense as well. The pros of making videos in the house include cheaper costs upfront and more personal touch with customers due to their involvement in the creative process. The cons are that it can be difficult and time-consuming to make videos without proper experience or equipment. So, weigh your options, consider your budget, and decide what’s best for you!


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