Technology start up Freyja launches to challenge OnlyFans


Technology entrepreneur Maria Allgaier has just launched a new platform designed to give protection and support to performers and users.

The new platform, called Freyja, is designed to serve as the world’s first safe, sustainable and educational adult entertainment platform.

The site offers an alternative OnlyFans and other adult entertainment giants to create a safe and sustainable environment to sell and consume adult entertainment content.

Freyja challenges this issue by abolishing harmful content and providing relevant context and educational resources created with adult entertainment performers, charities, studios, and therapists in addition to its high-quality content.

Additionally, Freyja works with charities and non-profits to protect creators and offer a reliable and trustworthy partner. On Freyja’s purpose-built platform, all content is pre-moderated to abolish racist, violent, illegal, and abusive content.  Creators are provided with mental health resources, mentoring, and financial management assistance. A performer board led by industry veterans such as Samantha Bentley and superstars ensures that the creators have a voice in how the platform is run.

On top of performers, Freyja also works with a ‘green-list’ of studios and production companies that have good behind-the-scenes treatment of its performers. Freyja is collaborating with these green-list studios to bring change into the industry and move away from the harmful sites and the studios who only claim to be ‘ethical, which is often far from true. The platform itself is designed like a social media platform, with an easy-to-use and modern interface.

Maria Allgaier, the founder, and creator of Freyja said: “We are all aware of the problems in the adult industry. We are aware of how performers are treated, we are aware of the radicalization, we are aware of the illegal content. And yet, we all choose to turn a blind eye and accept that this is an ‘unfixable’ problem. But it is everyone’s responsibility to fix this, we can’t just turn away from the problem because it is ‘taboo’.”

Allgaier continued, “We started Freyja wanting to solve issues with sexual violence and to improve sexual education. However, it quickly became about much more. On a daily basis, we are dealing with and combating major human rights issues and destigmatising sex work and exploitation. Freyja is much more than just a company, we are a social movement fighting for great change.”


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