The Beginner’s Guide to End of Tenancy Cleaning


For those who have any doubt about what exactly is the end of tenancy cleaning, it’s the process of cleaning a rental property before moving out of tenants.

End of tenancy cleaning has grown out to be somewhat compulsory. Not to cast off evil spirits just as some oriental cultures think of but cleaning for cleaning’s sake. The thought of you doing this yourself may cross your mind but the better option will be to hire professional help. As you can’t be as effective as the professionals will be.

But if you decide to ignore the sane advice and embark upon doing this yourself, we have compiled some points you can follow to have success even if it is at the cost of your comfort.

The best Time is After Moving out

If you start the end of tenancy cleaning before moving out, you would have to work your way around your belongings and the mess that will be created may turn out to be bigger than the one you started to sort in the first place.

Apply Top-Down Approach

Start from the ceilings, fans, upper corners and work your way down. The reason lies clearly in your common sense.

Take care of Window Accessories

Blinds, draperies, curtains are not something to be left behind unchecked. They are often home to unwanted substances. Make sure to clean them properly. Laundering will be a better option.

The kitchen requires special Attention

Your kitchen needs special care. Make sure to degrease areas around your stove and oven. Refrigerators, dishwashers and other such appliances will need proper handling too. Countertops, backsplashes on walls should be cleaned out with proper chemicals without leaving any unpleasant odor.

Empty all cupboards, cabinets, drawers and give them a good wipe. Using sponges will be better.


Coming to the most special and deserving area, bathrooms require thorough cleaning. Tubs, sinks, accessories, toilets, showers all need to be scoured. Never forget the tiles and small fixtures. Having a plumber over may be a good option. Just like kitchen storage, bathroom storage areas like shelves, cabinets also need to be cleaned. Leaving a bar of soap for the newcomers is a good gesture.


If you are leaving a furnished home, your work increases a little. In addition to cleaning out the whole furniture, you have to check inside drawers and under the furniture. Any debris under the heavy furniture and in fixtures has to be cleaned out. Furniture surfaces, shelves, drawers have to be worked on to give clean surfaces.

Mirrors, Doors, Handles

All the shiny surfaces have to be cleared. You can use a slightly damp newspaper for cleaning mirrors if you don’t have any cleaning agents. Moreover, doors and door handle along with knobs, drawer knobs have to be comprehensively cleaned out to avoid any streaks.


Floors have to be mopped thoroughly until the mop comes clean. It is better to have the carpets professionally cleaned. You can rent a vacuum for better results.

Don’t forget to take out the rubbish before you move out and a thorough inspection would be fine. After all, if you change your mind to hire any professional help instead of taking it all on yourself, they are not far away. End of tenancy cleaning costs in London may help you decide a little better than it’s not worth to save a little money for all this fuss.


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