Tips to Improve Mobile User Experience with Microsoft Dynamics 365

One of the many perks offered by the CRM system Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the opportunity to offer users a personalised experience tailored exactly to their needs.

Extra care has gone into making the mobile user experience as smooth as possible, with a range of controls and features to support users updating data or completing processes.

Offering mobile devices a tailored experience will simplify a range of activities, from Field Service Technicians visiting a site to conduct repairs to Digital Marketers hosting an in-person event. So, as users are able to access Dynamics whenever they are, wherever they need to, how exactly can businesses improve the mobile user experience with Microsoft Dynamics 365?

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 mobile features

Below, we listed 7 of the most useful Dynamics 365 features for mobile users.

Toggle Control

Toggle control is one of the most efficient functionalities available to mobile users, allowing them to switch between two values with one simple press. This control is particularly useful when marking tasks or projects as complete.

The toggle control offered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be used with any two values, such as Yes/No, Active/Inactive and Complete/Incomplete.

Auto-Complete Control

The auto-complete control can be enabled to allow users to select a value from a drop-down menu with smart, relevant suggestions that are based on the characters already input.

This straight-forward Dynamics functionality can save mobile users precious time, allowing them to easily fill in any text or record.

Pen Control

Pen control is a feature specific to users who need to capture signatures and want to save time while doing so. This control allows mobile users to simply capture a signature on their device without having to use an external website to capture and upload it.

Microsoft Dynamics Pen Control gives mobile users the opportunity to streamline their processes with an efficient signature capture and application method.

Number Input

Slightly different from the previous controls, the number input feature provides users with the option to adjust the numerical value in a field using “plus” and “minus” buttons.

As the Microsoft Dynamics partner agency Preact points out, the number input feature “makes it easier to quickly make small adjustments to numbers by saving users from having to click into the field and having to retype”.

Star Rating

The star rating feature is an innovative function that allows users to share with others how well a task or project is doing. Going from one to five stars, this control can also help users in a variety of situations, from indicating the likelihood of a lead converting, to rating how well a relationship with a client is doing.

Audio Recording

The audio recording feature is as straight-forward as it sounds, giving mobile users the opportunity to capture sounds and upload them without the need to use an external app. With this feature, Microsoft Dynamics users can record anything – from sales meetings to voice notes on projects.

The audio recordings can be saved as notes on the timeline of a record, where any supporting text can also be added.

Barcode Scanner

Lastly, this specific tool is particularly useful to users working with barcodes and identification numbers. Thanks to the Dynamics 365 native scanner, users can detect a barcode and transform it into a single line text field.

Available to both Android and iOS devices, the barcode scanner feature will speed up processes and allow users to easily identify products, removing the margin for human error when entering long identification numbers.

Making the most of Microsoft Dynamics 365 on the go

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has developed these (and many more) features keeping a very close focus on the user experience. While one user might not be interested in all the functionalities listed in this article, it’s important to understand that these have been designed to suit users working in different department.

To make the most of Microsoft Dynamics 365, businesses should invest time in understanding the exact requirements of each of their teams, offering solutions that are tailored to their needs. The Microsoft partner agency Preact offers a variety of training and consulting services, helping businesses and organisations understand their processes and determine how best to optimise data fields and forms for mobile device users.



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