What You Should Look For When Selecting A Template For Your Business’ Website

It’s easier to set up a website for your business than ever before, and you far from need to be an expert these days with so many different website builders and templates available online, and for reasonable prices too.

Brands such as Duda have a wealth of website templates like these, but when it comes to selecting the right one for your business, there is plenty to be thinking about. You’ll find different templates are better suited to different needs, which is why paying attention to the one you have selected is a must.

You don’t need to be an expert to choose the right template for your business’ website, but it is certainly worth considering the following…

What type of website are you creating?

This goes without saying, but you should be completely focused and clear on your business, goals, and the type of website you wish to build. Think about your target customers and exactly what they would want and how they would operate.

Consider the costings

There are free website templates out there, but naturally the more you pay the better template you’ll get. There is lots to consider here though.

While free templates can serve a purpose, to get your website right it will often take much more time and effort in the back end customising it, and as we know time is money. On the other hand, you could pick up a tailored and ready to go template and take some money out of your budget, but ultimately save a lot of time which can then be focused on developing your business.

There’s no right or wrong answer to this. If you’re willing to put the time in, and have the expertise to develop a free template, then it could be a good solution. However, if you want a ready made template that’s been put together by experienced developers, then paying for a template could prove the most cost-effective method.

To completely understand where on the scale you should go in terms of your template, think about your budget and how much you’d be willing to put towards your template without compromising other important aspects of building your business.

Seek out flexible templates

Your website, and style of website will become associated with your brand after a period of time, so you need to select a template that will allow your business to grow into it. That means a certain level of flexibility with the template.

Consider what you might want to achieve from your site in the future and select a template that will allow you to achieve that. Understand what sort of widgets you can drop into them, and how easy it is to add elements into the site, particularly if you are going to be doing it yourself.

Make sure you select a responsive template

If you’re not hugely well up on web design and development then make sure the template you decide upon is responsive. It will prove a costly error if you don’t. For those that don’t know what responsive means, it’s essentially a type of website that responds to the various devices you may be browsing from, fitting to the size of the screen and adjusting the layout accordingly.

A huge amount of traffic comes from mobile these days, so it’s important that your site can be comfortably viewed through a smartphone. What’s more, if you want to rank well with Google, responsiveness of a site is a huge factor in this.

It’s the single most important thing to ensure when you select a website template. And we can’t emphasise this enough.



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