Will Solana Crypto Become A Big Slayer In 2022

One potential Ethereum opponent who has gained more attention over others is Solana in recent months.

The crypto industry is now blooming with so-called Ether-killers, with Ethereum gaining popularity and driving localized finance, which has become a significant trend on the planet of cryptocurrencies. Multiple assertions may be dismissed as a publicity gimmick to get money and scrutiny, as there is currently no indication that Ethereum’s dominance is in jeopardy. You can click on the Auto-bot to learn more about bitcoin trading.

Solana’s price has risen by 17,000 percent in just one year, placing it in the fourth position in the top ten lineups of cryptocurrency. SOL, on the other hand, did not achieve success overnight. It gradually moved up the levels of an altcoin to take over the currency position. Solana started the year with a price of US$1.5 and has now risen to around US$260. With much-awaited changes on the way, the cryptocurrency token is presently valued at 64 billion dollars.

Furthermore, compared to the industry leaders, Bitcoin and Ethereum, Solana’s technology render it highly competitive. Even though the market has categorized Solana as highly unpredictable and risky, the company’s phenomenal rise has investors believing otherwise. Ethereum, on the contrary, is a market leader. As a result, analysts believe that in 2022 and later, Solana will compete fiercely with both Ethereum and bitcoin.

Solona’s Introduction

Anatoly Yakovenko launched the Solana currency and network in March 2020 to focus on intelligent agreements and distributed applications. Among the most appealing features of the SOL, the system is that the digitized coin may be used as evidence of history and Proof of stake. While Proof of stake or proof of stake lets users participate in the validation process, Proof of history records the transaction timetable. SOL is faster than Bitcoin and Ethereum because it can execute more transactions each time and has cheaper fees.

What Makes Solana the Ultimate Bitcoin Rival?

  • The Mining Model

BTC has recently received a lot of attention due to its high energy usage while mining. World leaders, including China, have slammed the digital token as a tool for managing the environment. As a result, investors are looking for more eco-friendly cryptocurrencies, such as Solana. Combining PoS with PoH might make transactions much easier and faster while having less impact on society.

  • Acceptance on a Variety of Crypto Platforms

In addition to being the first cryptocurrency, bitcoin is known for its widespread acceptance on various cryptocurrency exchanges. SOL is now partnering with BTC to get general awareness and usage. According to the network’s announcement, Solana will be mentioned at Coinbase Pro, a prominent crypto exchange, in June 2020. Several crypto trading companies have extended their doors to SOL due to this announcement.

  • NFTs and Smart Contracts

While ETHER was the first cryptocurrency to offer innovative agreements to the digital environment, the network revelation has led to a search for alternatives. Solana, thankfully, is always willing to provide a hand. SOL is gaining traction in the NFT space and doing well in intelligent contracts. Buyers can benefit from faster transaction speeds and cheaper costs using Solana’s NFTs.

Price Forecast for Solana in 2022

Solana’s price has remained stable from its creation, remaining about 1 dollar until January 2021. SOL rose to 58.30 dollars during the crypto surge in May 2021, then plummeted to 22.18 dollars in July. Its rally in September, on the other hand, was remarkable. In September, the cryptocurrency began to climb the hill, and it continued to do so in November. Solana’s pricing is now hovering around US$260.

SOL is expected to surpass 275 dollars by the climax of 2021, according to WalletInvestor’s forecast, and the increasing trend will continue. Solana does have the ability to reach US$772.726 by the conclusion of 2022.


Due to the perception that Solana is a rival to Ethereum, it may suffer severe setbacks. Experts believe that Ethereum’s position will stay solid provided it operates well without experiencing a major technical hiccup or misconduct from the management. The network is currently popular and well-established, making its demise improbable. However, this does not rule out the possibility of other blockchains giving Ethereum a fight for its funds in the future. Solana is one of the numerous underdogs vying to dethrone the big dog; however, it has a leg up on the competition owing to technological excellence, astute alliances, and a long-term vision. SBF’s approval is crucial since SBF is considered among the industry’s godfathers.



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