Will There Be a New Year’s Eve in Dubai in 2022?

The most spectacular 2022 New Year’s Eve parties are organized in Dubai for millions of visitors.

Where Should I Go in Dubai on New Year’s Eve?

How do you imagine a perfect New Year’s Eve? Is it a family celebration? Loud party? Dinner in a fancy restaurant? Anyways, even if you want to have it all at the same time, it is possible in Dubai! So, better grab your loved ones and hurry up while you still have such an opportunity. There, you can find the most spectacular festivities, extravagantly and luxuriously prepared for millions of guests and visitors. Let’s delve deeper into it to know what to expect from the upcoming trip.

It’s no surprise that Dubai has established a reputation as one of the New Year party capitals with its enormous variety of options hosted for years, attracting big names from all around the globe. The main focus used to be the fireworks display that has been setting and breaking new records yearly. They were replaced by a remarkable light show at Burj Khalifa after some accidents with fire being spread to some skyscrapers, but now it is confirmed that fireworks are back for new year 2022! This show is basically visible for miles around, attracting the attention of thousands of people, but the largest crowds are obviously gathering near the waterfront areas of the Dubai Fountain. This year, the fireworks will be streamed to big screens in Downtown Dubai, as well as around the world — for everyone to enjoy the show. The area is usually pretty crowded, so it’s better to get there early for the best view — it’s already full by 7 p.m. so keep it in mind.

Dubai Dinner Cruises

For those who are not big fans of classical celebration, Dubai can offer dinner cruises, where you will head out onto the water itself to have your perfect evening with great company, live music, delicious food, and breathtaking views.This 3-4 hour journey showing the absolute best of the city is completely worth it. Savoring the yummiest food presented for the gala dinner and enjoying the Dubai skyline while doing various activities on board — isn’t it a perfect evening?

NASIMI Beach Party

Opposite to the previous option, you can choose one of the oldest kinds of celebration — the Nasimi Beach party. The atmosphere, dance, music, top-ranked artists, best bar and drinks, as well as the beach itself along the Atlantis The Palm — everything is designed for unforgettable experience. You can spend an entire night in the company of great people! Seasoned with never-ending fireworks and a warm night breeze, it’s even cozier and nicer! This is a great opportunity to dive into a lavish evening of glitz and glamour.

Jumeirah Emirates Towers Parties

If the artistic chaos and chill atmosphere don’t sound inspiring, and you still want to see fireworks and lasers but crowds of people make you feel uncomfortable, you may find your perfect celebration in the ballrooms of the Jumeirah Emirates Towers. There, you can dance off all of your concerns and greet the new year in a completely different yet unforgettable way. As a guest of the luxurious hotel, you would be granted access to spectacular views at the New Year’s Eve show at Burj Khalifa staying away from the crowds of people. As a bonus, you would be offered a wide selection of exotic cuisines, crafted by top chefs of the hotel, who would gladly demonstrate their cooking skills.

Accommodations for New Year’s Eve

To get the best of the holidays, you should think about everything in advance. Booking the perfect location according to your preferences would be a perfect idea. Some places to stay we already mentioned in this article, but if you’re looking for something else — Dubai can provide you with everything you want. Ranging from typical family hotels at the coastline up to living on the top floors of the skyscrapers — the choice is only yours. And for that purpose, it’s better now to think about property for rent in Dubai, so you can still book a perfect place to spend your holidays. Plan your budget and entertainment, and we’ll see you there!



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